What is it? Flightradar24 is an online flight verification service that provides real-time and historical flight data. The user can track flight traffic in a certain area on the map at a specific time, revealing available aircraft information, flight patterns, and arrival/departure airport information. By monitoring and tracking flights the user can collect evidence to support the verification of an incident which involves flight-related data.

How to use it to verify information: The search function can be used to search the flight patterns of a specific aircraft; the flight patterns of a specific flight by flight number; and arrivals and departures of a specified airport. The map view can be used to search available flight patterns based on both live and historical data, utilizing active filters to further specify the results. For live data, the user can focus the map on a certain area of interest to monitor the patterns of live flights. For historical data, the user can likewise focus the map on a certain area of interest and select the playback feature to start the playback of historical data from a specific date and time. The playback feature speed can be adjusted to the user’s preference, including the ability to slow down, pause, and speed up the playback. The historical data feature provides free playback for up to 14 prior days, while various levels of paid subscription would reveal more data.